We are a full service employee assistance program, located in Bellevue, WA.  Our company has been in business since 1976!

We offer a wide range of services including assessment, referral, brief counseling and case management for up to two years. We work with companies ranging in size from 3- 4000 employees and employers from schools and counties to factories and unions and everything in between.

Fully Effective Employees is different from other EAP companies because we offer a very personalized service where our own EAP trained employees do most of the EAP work including training, management consultation, counseling, after hours calls and case management. Our goal is to be sure that our clients needs are met completely by providing not only counseling if needed, but also assistance locating  resources, and providing ongoing support for up to two years or more.

Fully Effective Employees in also an EMPLOYER assistance program.  Our goal is to help employers deal with performance problems and employee issues so that your employees can be healthy, productive and “Fully Effective”.

We will be including excerpts from our HR newsletters as well as topics related to Employee Assistance, Human Resources and EAP. We would appreciate and welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.