Background Checks

Know who you’re hiring

Pre-employment employee background checks make good business sense. Get direct access from your desktop to all FCRA compliant consumer reports, commercial credit bureaus, public records, criminal records, sex offender lists and verification products.

Fully Effective Employees partners with Drug Free Business to provide this service.

Employment Screening

Applications frequently contain false or distorted data. Screening eliminates the potential for theft, violence, drug abuse, fraud and costly litigation from negligent hiring. All employees should be screened regardless of position or size and type of company.
Screen potential employees to prevent falsified or fraudulent data, negligent hiring, employee theft and violence in the workplace. Access credit reports and national, state and county level criminal history. Make informed hiring or promoting decisions.

Why Screen

  • Over 60% of applicants have bad credit history, a criminal past, bad driving history or falsified information on their application.
  • Theft in the workplace occurs in over 90% of companies.
  • $150 Billion lost annually because of workplace fraud and theft.


  • Credit Reports & Law Adherence
  • Address Search & Driver’s License Scan
  • Three Online National Criminal Databases
  • Manual County Criminal Search
  • Application, Employment & Education Verification
  • Bank & Trade Line Reference Verification
  • Experian Authentication (fraud detection)