Workplace violence, accidents, stalking, sexual harrassment, drug dealing… Are these issues occuring in your workplace? So many incidents and problems can be prevented if employers know what they are dealing with ahead of time.  Many times I have consulted with employers about potentially violent employees. When I ask about the individual’s history, many employers have no idea if the employee has a criminal history.  Unfortunately, history can repeat itself.  Statistics show that those with a history of violence are more likely to reoffend.  Wouldn’t it make sense to know this before you hire someone?

In a difficult economy, you can afford to hire the best.  It is important to properly screen your potential hires not only with a thorough interview process but also with pre-employment screening tools such as drug testing and background checks.  It is so much easier to turn down a candidate before you hire than to terminate due to a bad fit or serious issues that effect safety and security.

If you are interested in background screening, we can help you locate a very low priced program with many different levels of service.  It is an extremely cost-effective tool to help you maintain a safe and productive workforce.  Please email me for more information at