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Our business is now closed.

Please contact your HR Department or Union Rep for information about your new EAP provider.

Providing EAP services since 1976, FEE offers a personalized approach to confidential counseling, referrals, resources and employer consultation, ensuring your employees are always

“Fully Effective”.

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“Kenmore Air has used FEE resources for many years now.  They are a great resource, able to provide immediate and solid advice. It’s is great to be able to use FEE for supervisory referrals & deal with a problem without delay. You know when your employees contact FEE, they will be treated with empathy and confidentiality.”

Jan Fields Payroll / Personnel Manager, Kenmore Air

“Fully Effective Employees provides an essential service to our Employees and is a great asset for our company.  When we refer our employees to FEE counselors we know they are in good hands and we are confident they are on their way to getting their lives back on track.”

Jill Durr, Pacific NW Ironworkers Drug Free Workplace Program

For Employers

Full Range of Services

  • Available separately or as a package

  • EAP, HR Consulting

  • Drug Testing, Background Checks

For Employees

  • Worklife Program

  • National EAP Helpline

  • Legal & Financial Referral Program

Services Area

Personally serving King, Kitsap, North Pierce and Snohomish counties in Washington state, we employ 50,000 national affiliate counselors to meet the needs of our national employers.

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