An EAP and a Program for Employers

Services available as separately or as a package

All clients gain access to our password-protected website, featuring many resources and services for employers and employees alike. Fully Effective Employees offers a full range of employee assistance and consulting services, including:

Includes assessment, referral and brief counseling for employees and dependents, plus case management and follow-up for up to two years.
Providing comprehensive HR / EAP package services that strive to establish and streamline your company’s core procedures.
A comprehensive program designed to improve work/life balance, family issues, as well as physical and mental health.
Fully Effective Employees connects employees and their family members with top-rated attorneys and financial professionals in their area.
Our goal is to assist employees who test positive under their company or union drug-testing policy to get back to work as soon as possible.
To build a safe & productive workforce you must know your hires, which is why we offer pre-employment background checks.
Fully Effective Employees’ EAP Helpline offers quick telephone access to our own professional counselors 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.
For a minimal charge, Fully Effective Employees offers additional programs as part of the EAP or as stand-alone services.