Now, more than ever, an employee assistance program is a benefit no employer should be without.  The lengthy recession has taken its toll on employers, employees and their families. As employers, we are forced to cut back on perks, benefits, salaries and employees. Some companies are cutting their Employee Assistance Program because they are trying to decrease all costs as much as possible.    As a result, employees are forced to do more work with less support and increased stress.  Employees may be upset about the cutbacks, resentful of the increased workload and worried about their professional and financial futures.  Morale, productivity and performance are all negatively impacted.   Employees have increased stress, financial and personal problems during tough financial times.  Some are losing their homes, their jobs and their relationships.  This affects your bottom line in many ways.

Fully Effective Employees  can actually save your company money by reducing accidents, absenteeism, tardiness and the time managers spend dealing with employees’s personal problems.  The EAP can help prevent litigation and workplace violence.  The EAP increases morale, employee loyalty, productivity and performance.  The EAP counselor  will help employees and their familiy members find counseling and resources and they can provide support and case management for up to two years.  When employees are given the right help, it reduces insurance costs and disability claims.  In addition, the program offers employees a free place to access assistance before their problems begin to affect their work performance.  

The U.S Department of Labor reports that for every dollar invested in an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), employers generally save anywhere from $5 to $16.

While you may be looking for ways to cut costs, the EAP can be one of your most important assets.

If you are a current client, please call us for assistance in promoting and using the program.  The more employees and their families are aware of the program, the more it will be used.  If you are interested in the program for your workplace, call for more information on how the EAP can save you money!